A vector image demonstrating earth in a facemask being shielded from COVID-19 from an umbrella

Janitors, housekeepers and custodians have always worked to keep things clean and healthy for the public, but that work has traditionally gone unnoticed by most. Now the public is starting realize just how cleaning professionals keep them safe through their work. As a result, they're showing more respect and appreciation for these individuals and their professions. In fact, a patient who was on his deathbed due to COVID-19 credits a housekeeper for saving his life.

Wanting to gain a better understanding of how widespread this appreciation has gotten, GP Pro conducted a short consumer survey in June. The most important statistic the survey found was that 56 percent of respondents say they regard janitors more highly now than they did back in February, just before the COVID-19 became a horrible issue in the United States.

"Historically, janitors completed their work more or less in the shadows without much notice. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, however, these hardworking men and women are now front and center, performing tasks that are critical to our well-being, battling threats we cannot see, and giving us the peace of mind to resume many of our regular daily activities,” says Michelle Auda, senior director of insights at GP Pro. “It’s encouraging that, as evidenced by our research, more than half of consumers are taking notice, stating that their perception of janitors has increased since the pandemic began. As COVID-19 continues to lead to new behaviors, threats, and related emotions, I believe it’s more important than ever to empathize with others, especially our frontline workers, to gain new understanding and appreciation. I anticipate that as we continue to navigate this pandemic, consumer empathy for and perception of janitors, who are critical frontline workers, will grow even more.”