Woman houskeeper at a hospitla

A hospital housekeeper played an important role in one patient's victory over COVID-19 after she encouraged him to keep fighting even though his chances of survival had ostensibly vanished.

Rosaura Quinteros, an employee at Dr. P. Phillips Hospital in Orlando, Florida told Jason Denney that he was in the capable hands of doctors and that God wasn't done with his life even after a Catholic priest came to read him his last rites, reports CNN. She also distracted him from suffering through conversation.

Quinteros' presence was especially vital considering the disease Denney was battling. Because he was infected with COVID-19, Denney couldn't receive any visitors -- he had to FaceTime his family "goodbye" when it looked like he was going to die because they couldn't be there. As a result, only healthcare workers and cleaning staff like Quinteros could have in-person interaction with the man who seemed to be dying. Not only did Quinteros clean Denney's room, she talked and listened him back to health.

Denney, 52, tells CNN that Quinteros was literally saving his life through her care. He says he enjoyed talking to Quinteros about serious topics like raising kids and faith, because it helped take his attention off of his sickness and the horrible pain it was causing.

Quinteros isn't the only housekeeper to help COVID-19 patients at Phillips survive COVID-19. Hospital chaplain manager, Melinda Plumley, says the conversation staff and housekeepers were trained to have with COVID-19 patients helped some of these individuals to survive.

For more on Denney and Quinteros' bond, as well as the great work housekeepers are doing in hospitals right now, read the rest of CNN's story by clicking here.