Black car key in a present box with a red ribbon

We've run plenty of heartwarming stories about schools coming stepping up to help beloved staff janitors in need. This one, however, has an especially impressive twist to it. An Instagram post that has since gone viral from the account Good News Dog shows a group of students presenting a janitor at their school with a brand new truck — and perhaps the most impressive detail is the idea came from and was funded by a group of students, as reported by

The students, who had gotten to know a janitor known as "Mr. Joe" over the past four years, knew that he had to walk to school for work each day because he didn't have a car. Mr. Joe, who is older and needs to walk carefully, was greeted with a blindfolded surprise from the group of students in the parking lot of the school. From there, Mr. Joe was greeted with a gift box where he tried to discern what the object inside was. It was initially empty, but then a student drove the new truck up to him, hopped out of the car and placed the keys in the box.

Before removing the blindfold and revealing the truck, the students let Mr. Joe how much they appreciated his hard work and the friendship they've been able to build prior to their graduation. Upon seeing the truck, Mr. Joe was aside himself and couldn't believe the efforts taken by the students. The students then helped him to the front seat as Mr. Joe was overcome with gratitude, noting he couldn't wait to share the good news with his wife. 

As holiday season is in full swing, we hope to share many more stories like this in the future! In the meantime, check out a recent story with a similar gesture of gratitude.