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A custodian at a Texas elementary school was dealt a tough blow recently when his car caught fire while at work. Knowing this, students and their parents joined forces to provide assistance to a man so many have grown to appreciate.

Carlos Villanueva was driving home from work one day when his car suddenly started on fire, reports NBCDFW.com. Villanueva was able to escape the vehicle just before it was engulfed by the flames.

A few of the students at Bluebonnet Elementary School in Lewisville, Texas, saw the car on fire and soon others would learn of the unfortunate event. Discussion quickly turned to Villanueva and how he would now have difficulty getting to work. These talks eventually morphed into a fundraiser: Coins for Carlos.

Starting with spare change and allowance money, the fundraiser grew when parents began contributing to the cause. Coins for Carlos exceeded all expectations as the kids were able to present Villanueva with a check for more than $3,700, which he will used to ditch his rental vehicle for a car of his own.

Texas kids joining forces to support Carlos Villanueva is yet another story in recent days featuring a report where elementary school students get together to support their beloved custodians. Earlier this week word spread of Georgia Carroll County School System students, who with the help of their teachers, threw a fantastic retirement party for their janitor, 83-year-old John Lockett.