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As schools and other facilities begin to reopen, facilities and occupants alike will need to put their best foot forward when it comes to good hygiene and infection control against COVID-19 and the Delta variant. Two young sisters in New Jersey, however, decided to take that approach to the next level through a brilliant philanthropic effort, Hudson County view reports

After having the opportunity to speak with Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop at a meet-and-greet event about a donation of hand sanitizer, 13-year-old Ruhi Mehendale teamed up with her 9-year-old sister Reya to put the plan into motion. In coordination with the mayor’s office, the team organized two truckloads of hand sanitizer — totaling roughly 92,000, 7-ounce bottles.

The shipment came with the help of Ruhi and Reya’s father, who’s friends with an executive at an unnamed hand sanitizer company in Atlanta who heard the idea and was all for it. 

The hand sanitizer is being distributed to a number of different facilities, including schools, homeless shelters, hospitals and city buildings. To read about more charitable efforts, check out this story on Milhench Supply and a recent $30,000 donation for COVID-19 relief in Massachusetts.