"Pay it forward" written out in blocks

Due to the issues of 2020 and 2021, giving back is more of a priority at Milhench Supply Company that it ever was before. In fact, the company recently made more than $30,000 worth of donations to charities in its New Bedford, Massachusetts community, according to a press release.

The company donated disposable masks for children to a few schools, as well as  to the Boys & Girls Club-New Bedford and YMCA Southcoast. It also wrote checks to Catholic Social Services in support of the institution's soap kitchens, food pantries and homeless shelters. Checks were also provided to Gifts to Give, which provides clothing, toys and household items to those in need.

“Our family’s business has been operating in New Bedford, MA for 90 years. Many of our longtime and loyal employees and their families live in New Bedford," said Heike Milhench, president of Milhench Supply Company. "Though once a thriving textile capital, it’s community faces challenges such as food inequity, homelessness, and poverty, exacerbated by the Coronavirus epidemic. We are proud to support New Bedford non-profit organizations who give to those in need, including the elderly, children and single moms.”