The uritrottoir of Place Clichy, ecological mini-vespasienne (for men only!) To fight wild urban piss

In August, sanitation officials in Paris, France took action against public urination problems by implementing sidewalk urinals. These Uritrottoirs were placed in high-trafficked areas such as the Seine near the Notre Dame Cathedral and marked with large white and red signs, as well as illustrations identifying their purpose.

According to initial reports, the receptacles generated some frustrations from Parisians. Specifically, they were said to be "immodest and ugly" in such a historic location.

After only being available for a shirt time, those public urinals on the banks of the Île Saint-Louis have reportedly been vandalized. According to reports from France 24, the urinal was blocked with cement and feminine hygiene products. Profanities and lewd images were also drawn on the exterior of the urinal.
The red, eco-friendly, flush-free urinals look like large red boxes. Stuffed with straw and topped with a plant, they are also odorless compost-producers, but they offer little privacy. Yet, officials believe they are a necessity.

Fear of drug trafficking and prostitution has cut down the number of public toilets in Paris to about 400. As the number of men urinating in the streets rose, the public urinals seemed like an easy solution, said reports.

The company that designed the urinals says that they benefit women, too. For privacy reasons, women need to be in a stall and the availability of outdoor urinals for men frees up existing toilets for women.

The urinals were first installed near the Gare de Lyon train station and Place de Clichy. The most recent installations were at Gare du Nord station and on the Île Saint-Louis.

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