Someone using a bathroom stall

Self-cleaning toilets could potentially become a fixture in Singapore, reports Channel News Asia.

Singapore’s National Environment Agency announced a project in which existing toilet stalls at a cooked food centre will be retrofitted to include features that clean the toilet bowl, walls and floors at pre-set times. 

Details on how these cleanings will be carried out describe a futuristic process. A contraption will somehow open and close the toilet bowl lid itself, then rinse the bowl and seat, and finish up by blow drying the seat. The walls will be treated with a cleaning agent and water. Pressurized water will be sprayed on the floor, directing soil to the floor trap.

The National Environment Agency believes the jobs of workers will be made easier and more efficient with the upgrades to the stalls. Instead of cleaning toilets, workers will replenish stock and provide more spot cleaning. The agency says that technology and automation in general will help to make jobs less monotonous and strenuous, and will allow workers to spend more time operating machinery or smart systems.

Technology used for autonomous cleaning has made its way to the United States, too. In fact, Walmart is using autonomous robots to clean its floors.