Merchandize on the shelves of a Walmart store

Tennant Company announced a new agreement with Walmart. Tennant will provide Walmart the capability to improve the productivity and efficiency of their cleaning program by providing the T7AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) autonomous floor cleaners—equipped with Brain Corp.’s self-driving operating system, BrainOS. Tennant Company’s support of Walmart’s broad deployment of Tennant robotic cleaning equipment represents a significant step toward the adoption of autonomous cleaning equipment in the marketplace.

“We are proud to partner with Walmart, the first major global retailer to introduce autonomous cleaning robots to deliver operational efficiency, cleaning performance and customer value on a broad scale across a retail platform,” said Chris Killingstad, Tennant Company's president and chief executive officer. “This new step in our long and valued relationship with Walmart exemplifies our deep commitment to both innovation and meeting the needs of our most sophisticated customers. We are excited about our combined potential.”

John Crecelius, Walmart Senior VP of Central Operations, commented, “This cleaner is another great example of technology helping make the Walmart job better—rather than riding on a floor-cleaning machine for several hours, the associate is now working with robotics to complete their duties. The machine allows our associates more time to focus on completing other tasks within the role, but most importantly, it frees them up to serve our customers better.”