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The presence of mold in schools is a serious issue, and one South Carolina school district decided it wants no part of the problem after it dealt with mold just last year.

Horry County Schools has formed teams comprised of nurses and HVAC technicians employed by the district and assigned them the duty of keeping watch over air quality within its facilities, reports WMBF News. The teams consist of 15 members who have now been certified in mold and mildew assessment and rumination.

Additionally, the school district is mandating that all staff members undergo a type of indoor air quality training.

These measures are being put in place because a mold issue inside the classrooms of a district elementary school caused some children to get sick last year.

With the academic year starting or soon to begin at schools across the United States, districts have little time left to ensure that their facilities are safe. In an effort to get far ahead of the problem, some schools begin preparing for mold growth as soon as summer break begins. One school district in Florida decided in the spring that it would run air conditioning systems throughout the summer to prevent the growth of mold in its facilities.