thanksgiving turkey


The custodians, maintenance workers and security personnel at one Connecticut school district embodied the true meaning of Thanksgiving by donating 16 full meals to families in need.

The food provided by the workers helped fill the stomachs of East Haven Public Schools families, reported the New Haven Register. The workers are affiliated with the East Haven Public Schools Custodial, Maintenance and Security Union and are employed to service eight schools in the town.

Union Secretary and Momauguin School Custodian Vincent Borzillo Sr. told the Register that the union has wanted to start doing more to help the New Haven community.

What perhaps makes the charitable act even more impressive is the fact that Borzillo (a father of five kids educated in the district) and his fellow custodians are already contributing so much to the community by cleaning every school at night during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the custodians, maintenance workers and security personnel donated their own money to help supplement funds raised for the charitable event.

Meals featuring turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, pie and dinner rolls were distributed to families on this past Saturday afternoon.

Janitors and custodians always seem to be giving back. For example, one custodian recently saved a student's life. More on that can be read here.