Miami, Fl, USA: March 7, 2021: Hard rock and soft rock band, Journey band music album on vinyl record LP disc. Titled: Escape album cover

We've always enjoyed sharing stories of janitors who share their impressive talents off the job — perhaps chief among them the custodian that pitched a recipe idea that ended up becoming Flamin' Hot Cheetos (with a multi-million dollar fortune and a movie about him to boot).

While this particular instance might not prove as lucrative, a school custodian surprised a room full of students with a musical performance for the ages after what seemed to be a simple mic-check turned into a full vocal display. In a video that has since gone viral on Twitter and shared by American Songwriter, it shows the custodian walk up to the microphone on stage — to the unmistakable piano introduction of "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. 

To the entire room's surprise, the custodian went on to not just sing a few lines, but multiple verses, hitting the low notes and high in perfect sync with the beat. The energy in the room slowly gains momentum, and by the second verse, everyone in the assembly was jumping up and down and dancing along. 

The video, which can be viewed here, has since garnered, over 15,000 likes, 2000 retweets, and a staggering 737,000 total views. While a humble job by nature, you never know what remarkable talents these frontline workers have up their sleeves!