Research Links Disinfectant To Health Problems Among Workers

Researchers have found cleaning products containing a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (HP), peracetic acid (PAA) and acetic acid (AA), can trigger eye irritation and breathing problems, even at low exposure levels, according to an article on the Chemical Watch website.
The recent study observed chronic health problems in cleaning staff at a hospital where a new sporicidal product containing the three substances was introduced 16 months prior.
It linked acute nasal and eye irritation with increased exposure to a mixture of HP and PAA, as well as the total mixture of HP, PAA and AA. Shortness of breath when hurrying on level ground or walking uphill was also associated with increased exposure to the mixture.
Cleaning and disinfecting products, consisting of a mixture of HP, PAA and AA, are widely used as sporicidal agents in healthcare, childcare, agricultural, food service and food production industries.
HP and PAA are strong oxidants and their mixture is a recognized asthmagen. However, few exposure assessment studies to date have measured HP, PAA and AA in a healthcare setting.
The paper is a follow-up to a report into the three compounds, published by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health last year.
The recent paper included more detail, said author, Brie Hawley. It features additional analyses of symptoms, reported specifically by cleaning staff as occurring during their shift, and any associations with the full-shift exposure measurements.
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In similar news, researchers in France have reported a link between the regular use of disinfectants and a higher risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Details of those findings are available here.