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In December 2017, Centaur Building Services, Inc. was acquired by ATALIAN Global Services, Inc., as part of ATALIAN’s strategic U.S. expansion plan. ATALIAN Global Services, Inc. is the U.S. division of ATALIAN Group, a Paris-based international provider of facility services to public and private organizations, operating in 30 countries on four continents.

Pursant LLC acted as the sole Merger & Acquisition Advisor to Centaur for the transaction. The Pursant team took ownership of the acquisition process from beginning through close, freeing the owners of Centaur to focus on business operations. Pursant sought out buyers that stood to gain the most from acquiring Centaur. ATALIAN was chosen for many reasons, including compelling transaction terms and a family culture that is complementary to that of Centaur.

“At Pursant we ascribe to the value of ‘going all in.’ We dig deep to understand a client’s business, culture and expectations, internalizing everything we can so that we develop the optimal deal strategy. Th en we work to close a transaction with the party that best aligns with the client’s needs and expectations,” says Mark Herbick, CEO, Pursant, LLC. “In this case, we felt ATALIAN was that ideal match. Through acquisition by a company that will leverage the solid Centaur foundation, the owners of Centaur were able to monetize the value of their business. A talented operator like ATALIAN will take Centaur to the next level of growth and service.”