A public restroom with sinks and stalls

States are beginning to re-open across America after several weeks of shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while businesses are increasingly being permitted to re-open their doors, the customers might not be there if the restrooms aren't clean, reports the Washington Post.

Cognizant of the concerns of the public, some businesses are going above and beyond to change the way their restrooms operate. For example: A restaurant in Texas has hired a restroom monitor whose sole responsibility is to maintain order in lines for the restroom, and once people enter the space, ensure they're keeping enough distance from one another. America's most iconic fast-food chain, McDonald's is demanding that each of its franchisees have restrooms  cleaned once ever half hour.

The hand dryer vs. paper towel dispenser debate has been had within the cleaning industry for many years. Right now, it appears paper towel manufacturers are pulling ahead, as businesses across the country drop hand dryers in favor of their product.

Men know all too well about how cramped the space can get in restrooms at the line of urinals. To reduce this almost shoulder-to-shoulder standing, some businesses are electing to close down some urinals in order to create more space in between those relieving themselves.

Steven Soifer, the president of the American Restroom Association and a professor of social work at the University of Mississippi, tells the Post that Americans are growing even more anxious about using the restroom since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

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