Mosquito sucking blood

The weather is still plenty warm, so bugs are far from going into hiding for the year. Considering World Mosquito Day is acknowledged this month (Aug. 20), now is a good time for managers and employers to reevaluate how they protect workers from these awful insects. 

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention advises employers to:

• Provide workers with repellants to use on their skin and clothing. These repellents should be EPA-registered and contain either DEET, picaridin, IR3535, oil of lemon eucalyptus or para-menthane-diol.

• Provide workers with training on how to best use insect repellent

• Give workers permethrin, which they should apply only to clothing and gear — never skin.

When applying insect repellent, workers should know to do the following:

• Not use repellent on injured or irritated skin

• Apply to the face by first spraying the insect repellent to the hands, and then rub the repellent on to the face, avoiding the mouth and eyes

• Apply any sunscreen being used before the insect repellent

• Use repellent that provides protection for the entire time he or she is outdoors (e.g.: something that will protect over the course of an 8 hour shift).