Business development concept

Access to best business practices is a welcoming concept to any company attempting to get off the ground, and a commercial cleaning franchise is no different. Such is the case for Baltimore-based D&L Cleanup, a mother-daughter duo that has been able to get off the ground in-part thanks to the assistance of Tradepoint Atlantic. 

As reported by WMAR News 2 Baltimore, Tradepoint Atlantic has been providing opportunities for business that have been historically disadvantaged, offering an 8-week Empowerment Academy. This inaugural program has taught D&L Cleanup and a number of other up-and-coming businesses the ropes on many essential components of business, including accounting, HR, finance and more. 

Leslie Rashid, Co-Owner of D&L cleanup, lauded the Empowerment Academy and recommends it to any businesses that have had a promising start, but need to finesse different facets of business to have long-term success. Tradepoint managing director Kerry Doyle was pleased at the success of the program, adding that there's always more that can be done to help businesses get off the ground. 

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