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Even the best businesses can occasionally experience a stunt in growth. While a formula for hiring, retention, and general operational efficiencies can help get a company off the ground, it’s rare for any business to be able to sustain a certain level of success without adjustments over time. Aware of this very reality, Tim Conn, president and co-founder of the national commercial cleaning franchise Image One penned an article for Forbes on four key strategies for getting out of a business plateau. 

Reimagine The Business Model 

The same processes that help a building service contractor (BSC) ascend to a certain level of success can eventually see those very same returns diminish. Businesses owners should never shy away from attempting a new approach at growth, be it from scouting competition, adding additional services of potential interest, or expanding into new regional markets. Many would be surprised at the amount of untapped opportunities that can be found with a little bit of legwork. 

Embrace Consulting 

Much like writing, a second set of eyes can go a long way with finding new perspectives or discovering flaws. BSCs should never shy away from networking opportunities or be too prideful to get a second opinion on business practices or recommendations. A business coach is never a bad idea either. 

Internal Change

Sometimes that reason behind stagnation lies within, but that doesn’t always mean having to clean house. Something as easy as a team-building exercise or a new hire with a different background than the rest of the company can spark a flame. 

Back To Basics

It’s understandable for businesses to to pursue side projects that aren’t a direct reflection of a company’s ultimate goal, but at the same time the priority should remain on the ultimate vision that was set when a BSC rebranded or got off the ground. A good exercise for maintaining a primary vision amid a plateau is to reflect on the practices and habits in-place when things were at an all-time high — even if some adjustments are still required. 

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