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If it hasn’t hit already, many facilities are in line for the first bouts of heavy snowfall and all of the potential complications that come with it. From messy entranceways to water damage, it’s wise to be proactive instead of reactive. With that in mind, ARC facilities compiled a handy list of facility preparation tips as winterization system comes into full-swing. 

  • Check all windows and doors for air leaks — a common yet subtle reason for occupant complaints and discomfort
  • Make sure all sprinkler faucets and outside faucets are shut off before heavy winter weather to prevent a higher likelihood of pipe bursting or freezing
  • Check the roof after any severe storms for tree damage, excess moss or any other reasons for immediate repairs to keep the facility safe
  • Check all pipes, inside and outside, for leaks regularly. Make sure fire pumps are also functioning properly.
  • Check less-than-obvious areas for insulation, including crawl spaces. 

Facility managers can also play their role in simplifying the process for emergency response units if the need does arise. Simple acts such as clearing the area around fire hydrants can go a long way in improving emergency response quality and speed. Clearing entryways is not only a common courtesy for occupants and employees, but can also be pivotal in these same scenarios. 

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