Snow storm

Sure, winter in some parts of the country only entails colder rain showers and darker days, but for much of the United States the season is usually a long, unpleasant trip. That will likely be the case again this year, according to predictions made by a venerable source.

The 2020 Farmers’ Almanac is calling for a “polar coaster winter” in most of the United States, with freezing and frosty weather particularly slamming those east of the Rocky Mountains, according to reports. January is expected to be a rough month, with low temperatures and heavy snowfall blanketing much of the nation. That could especially be the case for the Great Plains, which the almanac projects will get blasted by a large snow storm in the month’s third week.

Heavy snow and ice certainly has an impact on those in the cleaning industry. Many jan/san distributors, for example, sell different forms of ice melt. Those distributors might pay attention this year when it comes to how much ice melt they have in stock.

End users and facilities must be mindful of winter weather, too. Experts advise that businesses always provide walking surfaces that are clear of snow and ice for their facility. To accomplish this, deicer should be spread soon after a storm.