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A run-down public restroom in Wales proved to be more than just a waste of space after an archaeological dig unearthed a medieval building at its bottom, reports the Daily Mail.

More than 30 volunteers and around 200 kids helped dig up the more than 500-year-old home, which experts believe could have been the residence of an important figure in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. One of the archaeologists says the team came to this suspicion after finding a rare bath stone that was used in the home’s 570-year-old fireplace.

The once-glamorous is in reasonably good shape considering its age, with a ground floor that's still intact. However, the first floor was destroyed hundreds of years ago, likely to clear space for an animal pound

Perhaps the historic structure will be repurposed to be something else, following in the steps of a 105-year-old public restroom that was recently made into a bar.