A map of western michigan

The increasingly popular “Portland Loo" is now heading to Kalamazoo. Named after the city that helped contribute to its construction, The Portland Loo is a standalone public restroom built to be available at hours of the day. Since its availability isn’t limited, the toilet is equipped to withstand the abuse that could take place any given city night. For example, the kiosk discourages crime and has graffiti-proof wall panels, according to the The Portland Loo website. The restrooms are also marketed as “easy to clean.” 

It’s the perfect time for the Michigan city to install the public restroom stall. Public restrooms have been an increasing need for Kalamazoo for years and the COVID-19 pandemic has limited restroom options for city-goers, reports WWMT. The restroom also features a baby changing table, which many American parents and caregivers have found to be hard to find when they go out.

The Portland Loo must be loved by the many cities purchasing them because they’re not cheap. For example, the Kalamazoo City Commission approved spending $107,440 on the restroom in 2019.