Vector image of a male janitor holding up a sign

Hundreds of janitors and members of the local Service Employees Union International (SEIU) took to downtown Denver this week to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with their current wages, healthcare benefits and the lack of pandemic protections afforded to them.

The janitors protested donning face masks and some wore gloves. Others participated in a sort of car rally by driving their vehicles around a select group of businesses.

By protesting, the janitors hoped they would bring some attention to the struggles they are currently facing as they protect the public from COVID-19, reports CBS 4 in Denver. 

Janitor rallies are nothing new. In cities like Miami, wage protests among these workers are almost routine. But the demands made during these types of events are becoming more expansive because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, the janitors who clean Lyft's headquarters in San Francisco recently protested the ride sharing company's decision to cut their salaries due to lost revenues caused by the COVID-19 shutdown