toilet in a public restroom

A charity has attached 50,000 informational cards to cords that are meant to be pulled on by public toilet users in the event of an emergency.

The charity, Euan’s Guide, provided the index card-sized pieces of paper as a reminder to the public that the emergency cords should always hang freely for others to use, reports Access & Mobility Professional.

Cords placed around toilets are often left for people who have fallen, have been locked in a stall, or have suffered some other type of calamity. The issue is that people who don’t understand the purpose of the cords will often tie up the cord, cut it, or manipulate it in another way that renders it useless, says the publication.

Accommodations left to assist those in need are increasingly being made in public restrooms. One example would be adult-changing stations, which are provided to help people caring for grown kids or adults with mental or physical impairments, or both.

It was reported earlier this years that Arizona was mulling requiring that all new public restrooms, or those that have been remodeled considerably, feature adult changing stations.