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Updated on Oct. 12, 2023

Thank Your Cleaner Day is officially on Wednesday, but showing appreciation for frontline staff can be the gift that keeps on giving the whole year! As highlighted by BSCAI, the stress of these employees has never been higher with cleaning demands at an all-time high — and plenty of new cleaning processes to learn as well. With that in mind, they highlighted a handful of easy ways to help show staff appreciation:

Throw A Party/Picnic

Be sure to check with the computability of staff, but hosting an employee gathering — even outdoors if still warm enough — is a simple way to let staff know they are appreciated while forgetting the stresses of work for a little while. 

Gift Bags

The contents within are whatever creativity sparks, but gift bags can serve as a nice alternative for scenarios where an in-person gathering may not be feasible or preferred with employees.

Social Media

There’s plenty of avenues here, from short videos to person-by-person shoutouts. An efficient method with the potential to drive serious engagement. 

An Old-School Note

It goes without saying that something about a handwritten note just has a different feel to it then when typed. While a bit more time-consuming, that added effort could make a lasting effect when showing a staff member appreciation. 

Surprise PTO

Especially with the holidays around the corner, there are few better ways to show appreciation than giving frontline staff some time off they weren’t expecting. While it may require getting creative with some schedule shuffling, it’s a gesture that can have some staying power, especially this time of the year. 

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