Portrait Of A Happy Male Janitor With Cleaning Equipment In Office

Job satisfaction isn't always great in a lot of industries, the cleaning industry included. Building service contractors particularly struggle to keep employees around, causing them to go back onboarding and hiring processes. However, some things can be done to better ensure that employees stick around, whether that be at a commercial cleaning company or jan/san distributor.

By making employees more interested in their work and enthusiastic about what they do, businesses can improve their retention rates. 

Business News Daily recently developed a list of 20 employee engagement ideas that help to keep workers around. Below we've included the ideas that stood out the most to us:

1. Recognize employees for behavior that reflects company values.

2. Allow workers to collaborate with one another.

3. Provide work-life balance.

4. Effectively communicate with employees.

5. Allow employees to make lateral career moves within the company.

6. Give employees time off to give back to the community.

7. Provide opportunities for career advancement.

8. Allow employees to provide feedback in different ways.

9. Support the personal goals of employees.

10. Actually listen to the feedback that workers provide.

For a full look at Business New Daily's list of ideas, as well as details surrounding each idea, click here.