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Job hopping is a hot trend across the United States right now, as the strong employment market puts the people in control rather than businesses. As a result, companies throughout the jan/san industry are tripping over themselves trying to keep quality workers in the doors. 

With employee retention issues in mind, here are tips on how businesses can encourage their workers to stay in 2020, according to Global Banking & Finance review.

1. Share career growth opportunities

For many people, it’s “new year, new me,” and for some of those people, the better version of themselves is defined by an upgrade in job status. If there's spots opening that would allow for advancement, employees should be the first to know.

2. Better work-life balance

Most people work to live and not the other way around. Being that the employee’s time outside of work is so valuable, businesses should consider giving them a more flexible schedule. An incorporation of a summer hours policy or more time off can do wonders.

3. Take a look at compensation

If an employee has been doing a bang up job in his or her position, it’s worth exploring giving that worker a raise should the budget permit.

4. Recognize accomplishments

This tip Global Banking & Finance provides seems to be a favorite among a number of managers in the commercial cleaning industry. For more on the importance of employee recognition and how some companies make it happen, read this 2019 story from Contracting Profits.

5. Make the correct hire

If the person taking the job isn't the right fit to begin with, chances are he or she will not last long. To avoid this, companies should focus on their hiring methods and training programs. Troy Hopkins of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning provides some advice on doing this in the aforementioned Contracting Profits article.

6. Share the company’s vision

Employees will often be more motivated to stay if they see how their work has been positively impacting the company and how it plays into its plans for the future.

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