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Company culture has a great impact on whether or not employees wish to stay at their place of work. Millennials, for example, have shown an increased willingness to bolt from their current place of employment if their views don’t match with a company’s culture. Culture also impacts hiring, a process that has become increasingly difficult for businesses as of late because low unemployment has given job seeker’s the upper hand.

For those businesses looking to critique their own workplace culture, here is a list of traits companies with bad company culture share, according to Built In.

1. A lack of core values

At some point, a company needs to take a stance on a number of positions both big and small. If no stance is taken, the company will lack direction. Companies can solve this issue by coming up with a list of its core values and then sharing those values with all employees.

2. Too much turnover

This issue has perpetually been a thorn in the side of the jan/san industry, specifically building service contractors. To solve the turnover issue, builtin suggests companies proactively search for, and then identify, the issues causing turnover. To get a better clue of what these issues might be, human resources should hold exit interviews with employees who are leaving and also ask current employees why they have chose to stay.

3. Employee absenteeism

When employees fail to show up to work on time, or even come into work all together, there’s a good chance that it’s hurting the company’s culture. Fix this issue by first ensuring that management is showing up on time. After this, talk to problem employees about their work schedule. Perhaps a conflict is causing them to miss work and a change to their schedule would help solve the issue.

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