A hospital

Commercials and internet advertisements have for months celebrated the sacrifices doctors, nurses and teachers are making during the COVID-19 pandemic. While that praise is certainly deserved, another group sure could use some positive attention, too.

Novant Health, a network of hospitals, clinics and outpatient centers stretching four states, recently sent members of its public relations team out to shadow its cleaning crews. What they discovered is that these workers are the unsung heroes of the healthcare provider's fight against COVID-19.

The first shift cleaning crew for Presbyterian Medical Center begins the day by holding a socially-distanced meeting in which they discuss what they will be doing that day as well as the results of surveys that determine how they have been performing, according to Novant Health's story. In fact, these workers are continuously graded by patients on how well they did their job and how thorough and attentive they were in carrying out tasks.

Just like nurses and doctors, cleaning staff have to wear a suit of protective gear when dealing with patients who had COVID-19. In particular case of Novant Health cleaning crews, they are wearing this equipment so they can conduct a deep, terminal clean after a patient has been discharged. 

Like in other hospitals throughout the country, the staff charged with cleaning Novant Health's facilities also form relationships with patients through daily conversation - something that helps the sick keep their minds positive.

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