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The importance of keeping in mind the contents of hand sanitizer was once again displayed after a scary accident in Texas left a mother of three happy to just be alive.

Kate Wise of Round Rock, Texas was put into intensive care after the candle she lit came into contract with hand sanitizer that she and her daughters had been used to stay healthy.

According to a report from WFAA, Wise says her whole hand was lit on fire after the bottle of hand sanitizer she had been using came into contract with the candle flame, causing it to explode. The flames spread throughout her body in what she estimates to be about five seconds. 

The brand of hand sanitizer Wise was using is described as being "off brand."

A GoFundMe page has been started on Wise's behalf to help her pay for expenses.

The incident involving Wise comes not too long after a Canadian woman accidentally fed her grandson hand sanitizer because the packaging led her to believe it was food.