Workers jumping with joy

In many instances, businesses have the upper hand over their employees. But when it comes to employee retention, it’s the worker that currently has the advantage.

CNBC reported that workers were quitting their jobs in 2018 at the highest rate since 2001, and that the trend was likely to continue. And why not explore, or at least look around? The U.S. unemployment rate in June was a pristine 3.7 percent — actually worse than some previous months — and has not exceeded 4 percent for 16 months, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Wages have also increased at or above three percent year over year for the 11 months leading into July. Cognizant of this, workers are scouring job boards seeking their next great opportunity.

While the job situation is great for the worker, it’s been a pain for businesses across most industries — jan/san very much included. Building service contractors, facility managers and jan/san distributors are all scrambling to keep their best workers around.

The horticulture industry is in a similar mess. Understating this, Greenhouse Management magazine has provided some tips for the people of that industry — advice that can also be applied to those in jan/san.

The report argues employees will stick around at a company if the employer is continuously investing in them. Yes, this involves some raises in pay, but it also entails training to help employees perform their job betters, expand their current role, or advance to another position.

One source interviewed says the benefit of learning and development are no longer a perk or exception, but rather a requirement. Employees are expecting that, in return for their contributions, they will be given the tools necessary to grow professionally. 

For more tips, check out Greenhouse Management’s report by clicking here.