A picture taken outside of Texas Children's Hospital in February of 2020

Three years ago, Texas Children's Hospital helped Elizabeth Whitmeyer overcome the greatest challenge she'll ever face. Today, her father Chris and uncle Travis are helping the hospital overcome its own crisis.

Like a growing list of other distillery owners, Chris and his brother Travis have converted The Whitmeyer Distilling Co., Houston, into a hand sanitizer factory to help the nation fight the COVID-19 pandemic, reports Fox News. With the help of their regular employees and furloughed service industry workers they temporarily hired, the Whitmeyer brothers have made and donated more than 25,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to those who need it in their city.

All of the donations the family distillery is making mean something, but it's the 6,100 gallons of hand sanitizer given to Texas Children's Hospital that likely mean the most. That's because the hospital helped care for and save the life of Elizabeth as she spent two weeks in an intensive care unit battling the flu.

She was only two years old at the time.