Interior of distillery for manufacture of vodka and gin

Distilleries are donating their time and alcohol in an effort to replenish the nation's supply of hand sanitizer, which has been made barren due to hoarding and price gouging.

Old Fourth Distillery in Atlanta supplied hand sanitizer and distributed it for free, reports CNN. The distillery eventually ran out of its homemade batches, which consisted of aloe vera gel and 95 percent ethanol. However, more supplies will be made available to the public soon after the distillery receives its next order of ingredients.

Moonrise Distillery in Clayton, Georgia is also making sanitizer using its gin and aloe vera. Both Old Fourth and Moonrise are accepting monetary donations to help offset the costs incurred through their efforts.

Durham Distillery in Durham, North Carolina is making sanitizing solution and donating it to hospitality workers, who can then use the product to sanitize high-touch surfaces.

LVMH, the company that produces fragrances for Louis Vuitton and Christina Dior, is using its factories in France to help distribute hand sanitizer to hospitals throughout that region, reports USA Today.