An adorable little asian girl show her hand, the sign hand language

A deaf elementary school custodian was gifted a fantastic birthday present from students recently when the kids decided to perform “Happy Birthday” using the sign language he teaches them.

The custodian, known to the students as “Mr. James,” appears both shocked and elated in a video capturing the performance from a class full of kindergartners at Hickerson Elementary School in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The video opens with the kids’ teacher leading the students in the singing as they perform the sign language. James’ reaction throughout the video ranges from loud laughter to a silent, stunned expression.

The kids gave the performance for what was James’ 60th birthday.

“Mr. James teaches the kids sign language every now and then, teaches them good manners and how to treat other people,” Hickerson Elementary Principal Jimmy Anderson told WZTV-TV of Nashville.

James has been been providing students at the school with a valuable service and helpful life lessons for 15 years and has worked for the school district for three decades.

Custodians that enrich the lives of students are found everywhere, as demonstrated by several recent stories that have caught national attention. In August, it was reported that a custodian at Florence Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska takes the time during each shift to read to students, check on their well-being, help with homework and even give them tough love after they act out in class.

A more intense story revealed that a janitor saved the life of a student during the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.