Janitor Silhouette

A custodian at Florence Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska, takes time out of each shift to make a positive impact on students' lives, according to the KMTV News site.

John Evans has been working at the school for more than 10 years – and he has done more than keep the school clean – he helps see that the students are successful.

The school’s principal, Dr. Dan Hoeck, said Evans is someone who goes above and beyond what his actual job title is.

“Mr. Evans” — as he is known to the students and staff — spends part of his shift reading with students, checking in on their day, helping them with homework, and talks to them when they act out at school.

Hoeck said those check-ins are huge because sometimes that's the only positive interactions kids will get throughout the day. And Evans does them daily.

Evans, who says he's considered going back to school someday to pursue a career in education, believes students need a "positive adult pal" at school.

He’s been known to skip his dinner break to help students – to help them with their reading or just listen and encourage them to do their best when they have a tough day.
When you hear the word custodian, you don't think of this glamor glitz job, Hoeck said.

It's a tough job — but the fact that Evans is able and willing to spend part of his day being a role model for these kids and takes the time to get to know them, that's key, he added.

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