Mopping wet floor in hallway

Janitors and custodians work hard to keep schools, universities, offices and other commercial facilities clean. For too long this valuable work had gone without notice. But now with the advent of features like Contracting Profits’ “Faces Of The Frontline” and various awards, stories of janitors and their great deeds are gaining more attention. 

Selima Sims of Fayetteville, North Carolina, is the recipient of a different kind of honors from the high school she helps to keep clean, reports Spectrum Local News.

Sims has been named the the first recipient of Cumberland County School System’s Extra Mile Award, an award the district will now give out annually to school employees who constantly achieve a high level of excellence in their job while also managing to motive their peers to do well.

Sims has worked at Terry Sanford High School for four years, and has been the school’s chief custodian for the last two.

A video profiling Sims and her hard work can be viewed here.

Another custodian to be honored in 2019 is Aristeo Flores of Scotts Valley (California) Middle School. Flores was named Cintas Corporation’s 2019 Custodian of the Year after receiving more than 30 percent of the national online vote.