Malfred Estrada
Malfred Estrada ensures that all of his team members are cleaning properly and safely

When Malfred Estrada is on the job, everyone else can rest a little easier. A six year employee of Servicon Systems, Estrada has turned what started as an on-call only side job into one of the most important positions within the Culver City, California-based company. He works to make sure that all the members of his team are cleaning using proper techniques and are following safety requirements. Something that has lead to a remarkably low incident rate for the team.

"Training is a top priority for him," says Area Manager Sergio Pena. "But he also makes sure that team members understand not only the right procedures, but the reasoning behind them as well. Malfred is a trusted source of critical knowledge to his co-workers."

Estrada's influence extends beyond his fellow frontline workers. A great communicator, he interacts with clients on a weekly basis. After becoming one of the first people to learn Servicon's new workforce software, he became an ambassador for the technology. Estrada encourages other employees to use the software and is willing to help others troubleshoot problems. "Clients have expressed their pleasure with his proactive communication approach," says Pena.

Though he excels at it, communicating didn't come easy to Estrada. He had to work to gain his skills, having completed English classes to improve his communication skills. Estrada puts everything he has into his work, making him an excellent employee.

"Because of his great attitude and his will to perform his best at every single task, he has shown himself to be a loyal and reliable asset to the company," says Pena.

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