A female janitor cleaning a glass door

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is celebrating National Cleaning Week by bringing attention to cleaning product labels with #KnowTheLabel.

According to ACI’s latest National Cleaning Survey, 92 percent of Americans are somewhat or very confident that the cleaning products and fabric care products they use are safe and effective.

With consumer confidence so high, it’s not surprising to find that since the start of the pandemic, 72 percent of Americans feel their knowledge around cleaning has increased. More than nine in 10 claim disinfecting and killing germs is a top reason to clean.

With so many people increasing their knowledge around cleaning, 37 percent of Americans say they go to the product label for information they trust related to household cleaning products. Cleaning product labels contain more information than ever before. Whatever a person wants to know about a product can likely be found either printed on the label or by following a link or QR code to additional details online.

“National Cleaning Week is a time to highlight the important, positive impact cleaning has on the public’s health.” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI President & CEO. “With an emphasis on cleaning products during the pandemic, it’s equally important that consumers know how to use these products safely and effectively.”

ACI recently unveiled a “How to Read a Cleaning Product Label” resource, which breaks down the elements of a cleaning product label into four main categories: directions, caution warnings, ingredients and storage and disposal instructions.

Find daily #KnowTheLabel posts throughout the rest of this week on ACI’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

National Cleaning Week is now through Saturday. More more of the event, click here.