A road sign reading "Spring Cleaning Just Ahead

National Cleaning Week starts March 28 and there's reason for people and businesses to celebrate.

The annual event always starts on the fourth Sunday in March, which is pretty fitting, considering that's not too long after the beginning of the spring season. Spring cleaning is something that's been celebrated throughout the world for sometime. According to National Calendar Day, some believe spring cleaning began as part of the Persian New Year, which starts on the first day of spring. Today, Iranians thoroughly clean their homes just before the Persian New Year.

National Calendar Day says it's also possible that spring cleaning was started as a practice among Jewish people preparing for Passover.

No matter the origin, spring is a great time for people to  do a deep clean of their homes, Of course, CleanLink.com is more interested in how those involved in commercial cleaning are celebrating the week. ISSA - which will be holding its own celebration - encourages people to use National Cleaning Week as a time to honor those who make cleaning happen in public settings.

“The pandemic has presented many challenges for our industry and for the people who rely on cleaning expertise, products, and services,” said ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “We are excited to take a moment to celebrate just how far the industry has come in the last year and to envision where the next year will take us.”