Doctor testing with blood test tube from patient infected with Coronavirus Delta variant. Doctor epidemiologist holding blood tube for test detection of virus Covid-19 Delta Variant with positive resu

While the fight against COVID-19 has seen positive momentum across the U.S., the rise of a Delta strain has been gaining momentum in numerous states, the Examiner-Enterprise reports. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Delta variant of COVID-19 is one of several strains known to spread more easily and quickly than other variants of the viruses.

Current concerns stem from a multi-week rise in COVID-19 case rates across the state of Oklahoma, most notably a 36.5 percent rise in positives from June 13-19 to June 20-26, with a total of 1,504 cases reported in the latter week. The spike caused the Oklahoma State Department of health to elevate alert levels.  

As health experts continue to research the quantity and security of the Delta variant in the region, exact numbers of cases with the new strain aren’t currently available. Yet as a continued precaution, Washington County Health Department (WCHD) Health Educator Kayla Guerra encourages citizens to get the conventional COVID-19 vaccine and continue to follow CDC protocols including social distancing, masks and hand washing.

Until more concrete information is passed on by the health department on the variant, Washington County Emergency Director Kary Cox says no official changes have been made to the county’s best practices on fighting COVID-19 — although maintaining adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of facilities remains a priority.

Cox told Examiner-Enterprise reporters: “The best we can do right now is maintain with housekeeping and continuing to stock supplies should we see this continue to ramp up. That way we would be ready with protective measures for responders and our personnel."

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