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The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) launched its C is for Clean: Building Blocks of Healthy Child Care Toolkit, providing evergreen, easy-to-understand recommendations on disinfecting, cleaning and hygiene protocols to help keep child care centers safe and healthy.

Coming on the heels of a year where 70% of parents reported that their child care programs either closed or were operating at reduced capacity or hours, the free, online toolkit was developed to help child care centers maintain a healthy environment year-round. Designed to serve all members of the child care community, from providers and employees to children and parents and caregivers, the materials included within the C is For Clean toolkit echo public health guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning and reinforce hygiene basics.

The C is for Clean toolkit arms child care operators, staff and parents with an arsenal of highly visual and informative resources, including:

- A facility cleaning checklist that helps them on top of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting throughout the week;

- Handwashing flash cards that educate on proper handwashing and posts to ensure handwashing throughout the day;

- Advice for safe storage that highlights how to properly store cleaning products.

 “The COVID-19 pandemic reminded us about on the critical role child care centers play for millions of working Americans who rely on these facilities every day. Our hope is that the C is for Clean toolkit will serve as a resource for child care facilities not just in times of crisis, but throughout the year, and the guidance provided within on proper cleaning and hygiene practices helps curb the spread of easily-transmittable germs and viruses,” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI president and CEO. “ACI is honored to support our tireless child care center workers and all those who care for our nation’s children with the guidance and resources they need to keep centers clean and healthy.”

In addition to C is for Clean, ACI offers dedicated resources and tailored recommendations for schools, businesses, and consumers on proper cleaning, hygiene and disinfecting protocols. 

Organizations interested in sharing or distributing the C is for Clean toolkit can contact