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Frontline custodial staffs are certainly worthy of kudos for their ability to meet elevated cleaning demands in an apprehensive climate over the past two years. For the Big Rapids Public Schools board of education in Michigan, this sentiment was not forgotten as they recently made a heartwarming gesture to their 15-person custodial staff at their most recent monthly board meeting in March. 

As reported by Big Rapids News, the frontline staff — which is tasked with ensuring both the schools and property grounds are properly upkeep and safe — was invited to the meeting. 

Brian Akey, facilities director for the school, spoke volumes of his staff at the event, noting how they not only stepped up to the challenge of ramped up cleaning procedures and requirements, but doing so in a collaborative way. The staff embodied the spirit of a well-functioning team throughout the pandemic, making sure each employee was supported through mentorship and assistance when needed. Akey perhaps was most impressed with how new employees were greeted into the fold. No matter if someone was there for 10 days or 10 years, all opinions and feedback were taken into consideration and all employees had a legitimate voice. 

The school's superintendent Tim Haist also lauded the staff, along with Akey's leadership in creating a consistently clean and welcoming environment amid the chaotic stretch of the pandemic. 

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