rolls of toilet paper

One store in China might have to make an emergency call to their nearest jan/san distributor after a delivery driver was robbed of 600 rolls of toilet paper at knifepoint.

The decision of two men to rob the driver of restroom tissue right outside a super market is likely due to Hong Kong's toilet paper shortage, which itself is a direct result of the coronavirus outbreak, reports BBC News. Scared of what the outbreak might lead to, many people are hoarding up a variety of necessary supplies, including toilet paper.

Police arrested the two men allegedly responsible for the robbery and were able to recover some of the toilet paper. The heist, which is valued at more than $200, took place in Mong Kok, an area of Hong Kong that has been traditionally impacted by gang activity.

Not all toilet paper news is bad news. It was reported in January that a Maryland middle school student ran a successful campaign for student body president by focusing on the implementation of two-ply toilet paper.