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Given the time commitment that inevitably goes into the hiring process, it can be tempting for companies to jump on the first candidate they deem adequate or be willing to overlook some red flags for the sake of getting back into the rhythm of a full staff. Misfiring on a hire, however, can set back distributors or other businesses in commercial cleaning immensely — between time lost with onboarding and then, inevitably, going back to square one to find another replacement. 

In the realm of sales, this can be particularly true. With that in mind, Sales Hacker came up with 5 aspects to look for in the hiring process for salespeople. When making a decision the following categories should be considered: Performance, Coachability, Grit, Curiosity, and Culture. 


Hiring parties can get a better idea of someone’s projected sales ability by taking a deeper dive into their previous line of work. Factors to consider include the industry, sales team size, parameters allowed to close a sales and more. From there, it can be easier to see how simple a transition to the cleaning industry can be. 


Any competent salesperson will inevitably develop a baseline knowledge of the industry and methods for closing sales. The ones that stand out, however, show an intention to always improve their craft. From trying new techniques to close deals to going out of their way to strengthen client relationships, there are telltale signs between a complacent salesperson and one with a willingness to take criticism and grow. 


One of the hardest qualities to pinpoint in the hiring process, but the best salespeople shouldn’t be judged by when things are going smoothly, but more on how their demeanor is when sales get tough and numbers are below what they’d like. Having the ability to stay positive can go a long way toward getting out of a slump, which happens to even the best in the business. 


Similar to coachability, the curiosity of a salesperson can be attributed to the questions they ask in the interview. When it comes to a candidate, questions about the sales process are expected. But if the conversation dives into other avenues such as marketing strategies or ways to improve morale, it’s a telltale sign that the candidate has the company’s best interests in mind — not just their own goals and benchmarks. 


Someone could hit all the marks with industry knowledge, ability to transition to new types of sales, a set approach to generating leads and more. If their personality doesn’t fit with the company culture — or the types of personalities that employees thrive with at your company — a great hire on paper could lead to tension, miscommunications and ultimately a failed hire. Asking questions during the interview process about their principles and values can go a long way to determining if the personality is a good company fit. 

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