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Whether it’s sending a nice greeting card or offering a contract discount for longstanding customers, there are plenty of ways building service contractors (BSCs) can improve their service quality for customers. One option that continues to gain momentum is the use of customer cleaning portals. As described in a recent article from Janitorial Manager, cleaning portals give customers the opportunity to track the status of different cleaning tasks, while also having an easy way to reach out to BSCs is urgent maintenance is necessary. 

Below are 5 key benefits to establishing a portal:

Simple Communication: Portals are a simple way for direct client-BSC communication, with immediate alerts that ease apprehension — especially in cases where primary contact information isn’t working. 

Managing Multiple Locations: Portals are capable of tracking the status of multiple facilities, saving customer time and convenience if they have any questions.

Customized Requests: Customers can modify the priorities and necessity of different tasks, making it easy for BSCs to know if a particular section of a facility needs particular care on a a given day. 

Tracking Requests: Customers can check in throughout the day and see how much progression has been made on cleaning tasks. From there they can ask any necessary questions or make requests on-the-fly. 

Time Savings: As aforementioned, a portal not only provides instant status reports, but saves customers the need to physically travel to one of their facilities if they need clarification on any cleaning tasks. Time that can be spent being more productive otherwise. 

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