Cleaning contract with wooden pen

Tim M. Murch, chairman and CEO of 4M Building Solutions, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., while aligned with 4M’s strategic acquisition growth plan, announces the acquisition of Top to Bottom Cleaning Services LLC and Landrum Service Group Inc., headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., effective Sept. 1, 2021. It is 4M’s seventh major acquisition in the past four years.

“We are very honored and grateful that Troy Landrum chose to sell his great company to 4M Building Solutions with all the many choices and options out there today. The acquisition of the Top to Bottom Cleaning Services and Landrum Service Group team and customers is an excellent fit for 4M with some of Indianapolis' most prestigious facilities. We have common cultures of integrity and providing consistent excellent service with leading-edge innovative solutions to create value for our Team Members and customers. We are honored to have all the outstanding Top to Bottom and Landrum Team Members join our 4M Exceptional Family and Team,” said Tim Murch.

Top to Bottom Services and Landrum Service Group have been in business since 2000 and is one of the most respected and premier janitorial service providers in Indianapolis. “I’m incredibly proud to leave the legacy and entrust my company with Tim Murch and his team at 4M Building Solutions. It is very important to me that all my employees will benefit in every way with all of 4M’s many incentives and benefits and opportunities for growth and development with a growing industry leader. My customers will all be in great hands with 4M being the trusted

Advisor and partner with 4M’s professionalism, unique proprietary systems and processes, their innovation solutions, and industry-leading safety program all while putting their Team Members first”, says Troy Landrum, Top to Bottom and Landrum Owner.

A few months back, 4M announced a series of significant staff changes. Read more on that here