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In an era of employment, making the wrong hire for your cleaning crew, distribution office or management staff can have serious consequences. Not only is there a productivity loss from an uncommitted employee, but the time and budget expenditure to find another potential replacement can’t be understated either. In today’s difficult hiring market, it’s more important than ever for hiring parties to check all of their boxes when evaluating a potential candidate. To help simplify the process, Forbes laid out some actionable tips that can be taken for a wide variety of selection processes. 

1. Consider personality fits. Just because someone checks the certification or educational boxes doesn’t make them a good fit for the office. Is it a fast paced environment? Does the job require a lot of teamwork or compromise? These are factors that can overshadow pure experience or talent. 

2. Gauge the staff: Consult with other members of your team about the qualities they are looking for in a new employee and what is needed to improve. It can also be beneficial to have them be a part of the interview process and get to interact with a candidate firsthand so they can feel part of the decision. It can go a long way to boosting morale. 

3. Spice up the job posting: No different from an uninspiring resume, a template job posting on a website can easily fall to the bottom of a pile. Going out of your way to make the job posting engaging — such as including videos or testimonials highlighting the perks of the position or company — can work wonders for getting people at least in the door initially. 

4. Referrals: Similar to the third point, utilizing your existing team to entice a job offering can go a long way toward getting right people interested. Another example includes a referral program in which an existing employee could get compensated with either a cash bonus, additional vacation time or other perks if one of the people they recommended for a position ultimately takes a job. Some of these programs have tiered rewards if that employee stays on for multiple years or hits certain benchmarks as well. 

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