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Every industry as challenges that seem to be omnipresent. For cleaning, hiring and retaining quality employees will always be a hot topic of discussion. To help managers keep a strong pulse on their workforce, Forbes outlined a list of actionable tips companies can take to make sure employee morale stays high — along with some insight on how to get top candidates through the door in the first place. 

1. Pay Isn't Everything. While a critical factor among opportunities within the same tier, an employee's decision to select one opening over another can come down to additional benefits or packages. If a retirement savings plan, time-off policy or insurance offering isn't up to par with a competitor, it can be deeply detrimental to proving a company cares about an employee's long-term success — within the job and beyond. 

2. Showcase Training Opportunities. Offering chances at career advancements is a really easy thing for any hiring party to do, but without validated proof applicants can be skeptical. If a custodian wants to become a supervisor, for example, don't simply say there will be chances to earn that position. Instead, lay out a specific roadmap that could be followed. This can be complemented with an official training program that can be done through direct mentorship, classes, computer trainings and more.

3. Routine Check-Ins. Even if a quality employee shows up for the interview, the first day, and even sticks around for several months, the efforts to maintain them are never complete. It's always critical to routinely check in on employees even for a handful minutes at a time each week just to talk about non-work related activities. Showing a genuine interest in their passions can go a long way toward noticing any tension or selecting them for tasks that will keep them inspired. Additional, some companies conduct "stay' interviews, which sit down the employees to discuss what they like abbot the company while tapping into their insight on anything that could improve a work environment further. 

4. Consistent Recognition. Sometimes all it takes for someone's day to take a complete 180- for the best is a simple complement or kudos for doing something well. While employees respond to praise differently, it can be equally important for all of them. Perhaps a more outgoing employee would love a company-wide shoutout, while a more introverted one would love a handwritten note from their supervisor giving them props. Of course, another idea is nominating a top custodian for CleanLink's Faces of the Frontline series! 

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