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While finally landing what is believed to be a coveted candidate can be cause for celebration for hiring parties, the good feeling can be short-lived if there is a change of heart. When it comes to employees that quickly leave a company after joining, there can be a variety of factors that go into play. For some, the position they applied for and their actual responsibilities might not add up. Others may feel they were overlooked for their contributions.

To help companies have better success with employee retention, Bamboo HR outlined five best practices to make sure the latest hire is a long-lasting and productive one.

1. Improve Job Descriptions. The order in which a company lists their values on a job description can impact how much attention candidates pay to them. If they are placed at the end, it's easier to have them get missed or hardly paid attention to. Instead, tie different values into different requirements or benefits throughout the description. An example would how a company emphasizes mental health by presenting a be a wellness package. 

2. Practice What You Preach. Whether a company is big or small, how candidates are treated will eventually come back to either help or haunt a business. Something as simple as reaching out to applicants after the interview (even if they didn't get the job) can go a long way toward presenting your company in a good light. 

3. Hire for Culture Fit. An employee could check all the boxes in regards to certifications, experience, years preferred and more, but if their core values don't align with the company, they could end up being out of the company within the fist two years. An example would be if an employee is incredibly efficient, but prefers to work on their own with projects. For companies that are team-oriented, this employee could be a poor fit off the bat. 

4. Consistent Praise. While the amount of praise needed can vary from employee to employee, workers can get quickly burned out if they feel as if their efforts are falling on deaf ears. Be it an email, or just dropping by a worker's desk to compliment them on their work, it can be an easy gesture that goes a long, long way. 

5. Implementing Values into your Brand. Employees can be drawn to work for your company if they feel you echo their same sentiments on particular stances or issues. By being vocal on social media or engaging in the community, businesses can earn the respect of workers and give them a sense of pride to representing your company. 

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