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In an economy where job opportunities are surging yet hiring challenges remain, it’s imperative for any company or department to exhaust all options for quality candidates — including paying special attention to avenues that may be overlooked. Noting the often-overlooked potential of people with disabilities in the workforce, Ohio Valley Goodwill noted several reasons as to why these hires can both give someone a much-deserved opportunity while also providing long-term benefits to the company itself:

1. Improving Work Culture

By making a conscious effort to hire people with disabilities into the workforce, it sends the message of inclusiveness to not only those coming aboard, but current employees already. Many workers take pride in the efforts their company make to improve the community and prioritize inclusivity — but not all of them practice what they preach sufficiently. 

2. Establish Loyalty

In-part because they may have a chip on their shoulder from being overlooked and not having their full potential recognized, companies that successfully hire employees with disabilities will often come to find that those workers are among the hardest working and loyal on staff. In a current landscape where retention can be problematic, especially in the cleaning industry, having a committed workforce can go a long way. 

3. Gaining Customer Respect

Similar to how fellow employees will gain respect for their company if they see strides being made to hire with expanded inclusivity, customers will often take notice of it too. Establishing a strong brand identity can be as valuable to a bottom line as the marketing and quality of the services/products. 

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